Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am my mother's daughter

I almost laughed out loud this morning when I looked down at my feet.  I have red nail polish on my big toe only and miniscule remainders of it on my other toes.  That might not be funny at all to you....but I laughed to myself.  That always happened to my Mom in the winter because she wouldn't take the polish off herself and risk ruining her always perfect manicure....so I always took it off for her because it bugged me.  And, what am I doing....walking around with that same look.  Maybe I'll fix it....or maybe I will just leave it.

I also laughed as I busily jotted notes down on my yellow legal pad this afternoon.  That was my Mom too.  Maybe tomorrow I can get out the note cards and organize it in the same columns that she did.

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