Monday, January 18, 2010

Might I not recommend...

Trying to run before 7am on a Monday when you have a pulled muscle in your back.  In my quest to improve my health, and get ready for that little half marathon, I begrudgingly hauled myself to the gym this am.  And, I tried to run just like I was supposed to.  Might I add, I am not really a 'runner' to begin with but today was certainly a testament to that as well.  I am also not one of those people that need to prove their heroism, after I figured out I was either going to really hurt myself or pass out...I walked it.  And, that was just going to have to be good enough for this am.  Honestly, it was a Monday...and I hate Mondays.

I realize that most people hate Mondays...I, however, take that to the next level.  I hate getting up on Monday, which is funny because I no longer despise my job.  I don't like lots of pressure on Mondays...I like to ease into my weeks.  My Mom died on a Monday so that right there is a good enough reason to hate them.  As far as a I am concerned, Monday can be my cranky day.  Or, maybe Monday should just be negotiable...maybe we should be able to choose whether or not we want it to be part of our life.  Pretty sure you know what I would choose.

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