Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Concept of Blogging

Over the last 10 days...there have been some interesting thoughts rolling around in my head.  I have hurt a few feelings, stepped on a few toes, and made a few people think by the blogs that I have written in recent months.  And, while talking with a trusted friend, I was advised that I just needed to grieve more privately and not in this out there fashion.  In the beginning, that sounded like a logical solution.  Then, I thought about it.  I know that I could easily just journal like some people do or I can keep doing it.  As of right this minute, I am voting for keeping it going.  Writing and publishing holds me accountable is some strange way.  I know that there is a long list of people that read on a regular basis for entertainment, for a laugh, for my reality, or because they got lost on the internet.  Those people are choosing to read what I write.  They might not agree, they might not find it funny, but they are choosing to read because for some reason, they want to read what I have to write.  And, I know, there are quite a few that are laughing...and taking it for what is is worth.  My thoughts at that exact moment. However, the disclaimer should be.....my thoughts are opinionated and the trauma of the last 7 months have caused my brain to work in a very different way.  I don't write to offend.  I write to heal.  And, every day, that takes effort to do.  Effort to put one foot in front of the other and effort to remember that I am doing the best I can....with what I have at that exact moment.

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