Friday, February 5, 2010

Kind of a Big Deal.... many of you have seen the movie Anchorman....where Will Ferrell is well....kind of a big to speak.  Well, I am hoping after this weekend that I am kind of a big deal too.  A couple of weeks ago I heard an ad on the radio show that I listen to in the am about the Go Red for Women Casting call.  For one second, I thought about it and then quickly rationalized myself right out of it.   I know one of the women who was a National Go RED for Women spokeswoman and she had a heart transplant.  So, I assumed that I probably wasn't qualified for the campaign.  However....because it is me....I did a little digging.  I found out that the American Heart Association is looking for women to speak out to raise awareness for heart disease both at the local and national level.  And, those women just have to have a vested interest in the cause....Well, let's see, I have high blood pressure and have been on meds for almost 10 years, my Mom died of a massive stroke and she had open heart surgery at 38 years old, my grandmother has had multiple strokes and TIAs, and my Dad has had 5 heart attacks....Do you think that counts as a vested interest in heart disease??!?!  Vested interest doesn't even cover part of it....My gene pool is a death sentence.  However, I am busting my ass to avert my trying to eat well and getting my happy ass to the gym at least 5 days a week.  So....Since I finally realized that I was a viable candidate, I called and got more information.  Which means that tomorrow at approximately 1 pm, I will be shooting my audition video in my Mom's red suit and my killer red heels at the local Macy's.  And, I am hoping, praying, and visioning that I will be called to be notified that my video has been sent on to compete at the National Level.  I want to do this.  I need to do this.  I feel like I HAVE to do this.  And, well, I would be damn good at it.  I can speak eloquently and there is no question in anyone's mind if I am passionate.  And, the AHA is looking for both of those things....

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