Monday, February 1, 2010


Funny how much music means...and how those meanings change over time.  Wow.  That was impressive wasn't it.  Nope, it sounded pretty lame but it is as good as I can come up with after time at the gym.  The problem is that my brain is so flippin' out of control crazy at the gym that afterwards my brain is fried.  My brain gets overloaded with focusing on the fashion mishaps of others, the sarcastic remarks I make in my head, my ongoing thought provoking monologue that goes on while I run, and making sure that I am listening to good music.

Music is very important to working out.  I have seen people work out without it and I wonder how the hell they do that.  It's not possible for me.  So, I thought long and hard about my playlist for my workouts.  It is an interesting mix of country, pop, yelling music, and a few melancholy pieces.  The yelling stuff tends to be the most motivating...the melancholy is good for cool down.  Once again...yet another revelation.

However, what I found really interesting tonight are how much some of those songs have changed in their meaning.  One song on the list is City of New Orleans by the one and only Willie Nelson.  When I was in college, I thought it was just another cool Willie song.  But now, the song is about business to me.  It's about being out on my own, being my own boss, and doing my own thing.  One of the other songs on my list is Get to Me by Train.  First of all, I must preface this with saying that I love Pat Monahan of Train.  His voice is gold to me.  Not even sure what he looks like, but I like it better that way...I can imagine he's hot.  At one point a few years ago, the song was about the man in my life.  It was about getting to me anyway he could after we were away from each other.  now the song is about my Mom's spirit.  It's about finding her with me in everyday things.  It's funny to me how their meanings change over time.

Music can make or break your day.  It has been known to turn around a rotten moment.  Sadly, though, music programs are getting cut all across the nation because the school districts don't have enough to pay the teachers...and their aren't enough teachers with the patience of Job to deal with the kids.  I am sure that our tax dollars are going to be wasted by our politicians for programs that don't work rather than something that can change a kid's life forever.

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