Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Price of Happiness.

Yesterday was kind of a big deal.  November 9th marked the anniversary of my last day at my last job/prison sentence.  Ok. so maybe you all think that I am being a little mellow dramatic when I call it a prison sentence, but for me, it was.  I cried frequently on the way to work because I had no idea how I could stand 10 more hours of that pain.  10 long hours of less than challenging work, being treated like a second class citizen, and stories of how wonderful everyone around me was.  The few people I enjoyed talking to and working with were the ones without the egos...those were few and far between.

One of the things that I find most interesting about that break up is that, to most people, I don't even acknowledge that I ever worked there.  I would rather act like it didn't happen than acknowledge that I was part of that group.

But, on to the good news.

The good news is that I am free to do what I want these days.  I have a business that is growing and I am becoming a trusted real estate advisor to many in my circle.  I like going to work.  I like the people I work with.  My clients are wonderful (thank you referrals!!).  I love my boss (gasp!?  does that really happen?).  I am occasionally frustrated by my inconsistent income.  But, in the grand scheme of things, that could be worse too.  I am thinner.  I am healthier.  I have once monthly migraines rather than once weekly.  I cook dinner most nights.  I bake.  I read books like it's going out of style.  I have rekindled old friendships.

So, yesterday, I was figuring up the price of my happiness.  The price was a little more expensive than I planned on.  But, I will take it!!  It's worth it to me to have a job I enjoy and plenty of time to give back.  And, giving back, I am.